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Terms & Conditions


simskola Göteborg

Terms and Conditions

Company information
The company is called GoWaters Simskola and has organisation number 890491-4514

We hold the F-tax bill and have our registered office in Gothenburg. We are most easily reached via the email address:

You can book courses here by completing the reservation form on our website This will send a notification to our email address. Booking via this reservation form is a binding agreement that you have purchased a service from us.
Once you have made a reservation you will receive a confirmation email. Invoices are sent electronically via email to the specified email address. You are responsible for ensuring you have provided the correct email address. In the event of an email being sent by Gowaters Simskola to the specified email address bounces the message will be sent via post to the address you stated when completing the reservation form.


The reservation email needs to contain the following information:
● Name of the course you wish to start.
● Phone number
● Address,social security number, first and last name
● Students past experience at swimming
● Something that maybe useful for us to know that can influence our teaching (e.g. special needs)
● Email address
● If you are booking a block of lessons, please notify us if you will be missing a lesson.
When you book a course via email, you will receive a reply to state whether you have been successfully placed on the course. If you haven't, you will be provided details as to why not and what happens next.
● GoWaters Simskola AB reserves the right to change the time and instructor if necessary.
●GoWaters Simskola AB reserves the right to cancel a lesson at short notice due to third party, however we will always look to cover the lesson via a substitute.
● GoWaters Simskola AB is not responsible for clothing and personal belongings.
● In the event of a stoppage in the pool, the operation may be moved to another bathing facility.


Payment is always made in advance unless otherwise specifically agreed. The payment needs to be made within 14 days of booking and receiving the confirmation email. In case of non payment the student will lose their place and not start the course. In case of non-payment, the pupil / pupils must not participate in the course start. Registration and payment is made by deposit by bank transfer: 5518-6696. Please make sure you provide the students full name to avoid misunderstandings. 


In case of non payment, an invoice fee of SEK 30 will be added when paying against an invoice.
Please note the above provisions that payment is made in advance and the invoice is issued only in exceptional cases.


Invoices are sent electronically via email to the specified email address. Reminders are sent by mail.

Specific to children courses
Children learn at different rates and sometimes a swimming pool can be quite daunting to a child and we never force a child to enter a swimming pool. If they do not wish to come into the swimming pool during a lesson, they can sit on the side of the pool and watch. Alternatively, If a parent/guardian 
wishes to be in the pool to facilitate and help the child feel safe this is also fine.

However, it is not acceptable for a parent to demand money back if their child does not wish to go into the pool. We are there to help the child overcome the fear of the water and appreciate guardian support with this.

Withdrawal of cancellation rights and cancellation
As a consumer, as a general rule in the distance contract law, you have fourteen (14) days' right of withdrawal under the Distance and Home Sales Act (2005: 59). Therefore once you have a received a confirmation email from GoWaters Simskola you have 14 days right of withdrawal. If the consumer has already paid for the service within this timeframe they will receive a full refund.


After the 14 days right of withdrawal the consumer can only cancel the course if due to medical reasons in which a doctors certificate needs to be presented. If this happens when the course has started the consumer will be refunded for the lessons that remain after the date of the medical certificate.

Information on the prices that apply can be found in connection with the description of each course.

If you or the child misses one or more bathing occasions due to illness or the like, the course fee is not refunded. The instructor will mark this under the attendance on the course participants. Therefore, you do not need to report illness. However, we are grateful if you notify us of any absence. This is especially true if the absence refers to the first teaching opportunity or if the child ends prematurely.

GoWaters Simskola reserves the right to change the starting time for each teaching opportunity and which teachers should hold the teaching. We also reserve the right to combine courses or to set courses if necessary until the start of the course.

Personal Data

The purpose of collecting information through the course registration is to be able to administer the courses and invoice customers. As well as being able to contact our customers if needed. By booking a course with us you agree that information about your and your child's name, e-mail, telephone number, social security number and postal address will be registered and processed at GoWaters Simskola. You also agree that the information may be forwarded to third parties. GoWaters Simskola will never sell or share your data with any third party except if required to do so by law. We ensure that we coincide with the GDPR regulations. This does not include trusted third parties who help us operate our website, with the requirement that these parties agree to keep the information confidential. We are responsible for the correct handling of personal data.

You have the right to access the personal data that is registered with us, the processing should be done as quickly as possible, but we reserve up to one month's processing time. We undertake to correct any incorrect information at your request. The customer also has the right to withdraw his consent to the processing of personal data. If you wish to see information in the register or make a correction request, notice must be sent via e-mail

Encrypted and secure technology is used in the transfer of information that takes place between Gowaters simskola and trusted provider of booking services. Servers used for storage are located in a secure environment with a high level of security. The data we receive at the course registration is only handled by trusted staff at GoWaters Simskola swimming school. At the end of the course we may ask to take photos so that we can display them on our website and social media platforms. However we will always ask for consent from yourself before doing so. This will usually be at the start of a course. By using our website and contact form you agree to our privacy policy. In the event of rejection of the handling of personal data, the Data Inspectorate is the authority that applies.

Satisfaction Rules
In order for students and teachers to concentrate on the teaching, we are grateful if both parents and the pupil / students enter the pool room at the earliest 5 minutes before the lesson begins and maintain a low sound level during the lessons. It makes it easier for us to maintain a good quality of swimming lessons. We have equipment marked ‘GoWaters’ that can be used within the lessons and the teacher will collect these at the beginning of the lesson. There may be other people's swimming accessories but these may only be used by the owners of these, please respect this.


Specific to children class, we kindly ask that parents stay in the background and only watch when the swimming lessons are in progress. Questions or comments can be asked to the instructor after the lesson or by contacting GoWaters Simskola representative, Chris Waters.

Otherwise, everyone should take off the shoes at the marked forest border or alternatively use shoe covers. Remember to bring a bathing suit, towel and water bottle. If the student / students have long hair, it is also good to have a tassel or bathing cap. Swimming goggles are only recommended for already knowledgeable students.

For everyone's enjoyment, all students should shower and wash before swimming. Students who have not showered may not participate in swimming lessons.

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