facilities that we use for our swim courses in gothenburg



We have swimming courses at three facilities in Gothenburg: Angered Arena, Hammarbadet & Askims Simhall



Facilities that we use

Angered Arena


Askim Simhall

Angered Arena, Angered Gothenburg (use a map locator)


GoWaters Simskola has both children and adult courses here.


25m pool

The 25m swimming pool has nine lanes wide and varies from 1.2m to 2m in depth. It also has hand rails at one side of the pool making it very practical for people to learn to swim in. The water is around 27 degrees.


Childrens pool

The Childrens pool is 75 metres deep at the deepest part and is around 30 degrees in tenmperature


Teaching pool

This pool has a varying depth function and is primarily used for teaching. It is 12.4 meters long and 8 meters wide The water is around 34 degrees.



031-368 22 90



Högaffelsgatan 15


Mailing address

Box 114

401 21 Gothenburg

Hammarbadet: Hammarkullen, Goteborg (use a map locator)


GoWaters Simskola has adult courses here.


Swimming pool

The swimming pool is newly renovated and is 17 meters long, 12 meters wide and has a depth between 0.8-1.2 meters. The depth of the water is shallow and is primarily used for swimming lessons.



031-368 20 00



Hammarkulletorget 63


Mail address

Box 114

401 21 Gothenburg

Askim Simhall, Askim, Hovås (use a map locator)


GoWaters Simskola has children and crawl course here.


25 swimming pool

The 25m swimming pool with both a shallow and deep end. The pool is 12.5 meters wide and 0.9 - 2 meters deep It is an ideal swimming pool for people wanting to learn to swim.  The water is about 27 degrees warm.



031-368 22 30



Gärdesvägen 5


Mail address

Box 114

401 21 Gothenburg



Swim School Classes at

Askim Simhall, Hammarbadet & Angered Arena

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