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Here at GoWaters simskola we offer swimming courses for both children and adults of all abilities!

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Girls Swimming Underwater
 Barn-simskola 7-12 år

children swimming lessons

LEVEL 1, from 4 years old 

Pre-requisite - have been in a swimming pool before but do not have water confidence.

This class is for those children that have little or no experience of swimming. The aim of this course is to purely improve water confidence through fun games.

Assessment goals

Baddaren awards

LEVEL 2 from 4 years old

Pre-requisite - have water confidence, can put face in water

This class is for those students that already have water confidence and are not afraid of putting their face in the water and are able to jump into the water. The aim of this course is to start practicing gliding in the water and practicing floating and to then introduce the strokes of breastroke and backstroke.

Assessment goals

Baddaren, Skölpaddan, Bläckfisken awards

LEVEL 3, from 7 years old 

Pre-requisite - can already swim 5m

This class is for those children that have good water confidence and can glide and float in the water. In this course we continue to look at stroke technique with the aim for children to swim 10m.

Assessment goals

Pingvinen silver, Pingvinen guld

LEVEL 4 from 7 years old

Pre-requisite - can already swim 10m

This class is for those children can swim 10m without any floats may start this course. This course is for children who can swim but need to develop their technique. In this class we continue focussing on technique of each stroke. Looking at the technique of breaststroke arms and leg technique. We also continue to look at floating and jumping into deep water. 

Assessment goals

Silverfisken, Guldfisken

LEVEL 5 from 9 years old

Pre-requisite - can already swim 100m

This class is for those students that can already swim 100m and want to improve swimming technique and learn crawl and lifesaving skills. 

Assessment goals

Hajen bronze, Hajen silver, Hajen guld, Vattenprovet


Price, 14 times:

3500 kr

The price doesn't include admission into the swimmingpool.

Pool Side
Swimming Together

Adult  Swimming courses

Level 1

Pre requisite: Nothing

Adult swimming class for beginners is available in Gothenburg for anyone who is 16 years and up and wants to learn to swim. No prerequisite is necessary, so if you have never swam before this isn't a problem as we can start from the very beginning and get you to where you want to be.


This swimming class is designed to develop your confidence in the water and learning how to glide and float in the water. We then begin to teach you the technique of breaststroke and backstroke.

Goal: to be able to swim up to 5m without any floats

Level 2

Pre requisite: Have  water confidence and no fear of dipping their head in the water 

This course is for those that have dont have fear of dropping their head in the water. This course begins with learning to push and glide and float in the water and then quickly progresses into learning the strokes of breaststroke and backstroke.

The Swimming class is designed to reinforce the swimmers current understanding of each stroke and also touches on lifesaving skills that are essential to life in general.

Goal: to be able to swim 25m without any floats

Level 3

Pre requisite: Confident in the water and must be able to swim 50m

For those that are comfortable at swimming and want to look at furthering their technique then this course is for you. In this course we teach you both front crawl and back crawl, again breaking this stroke into manageable chunks to maximise your learning. These lessons are challenging but extremely fun at the same time. Our qualified instructors will analyse every element of each stroke, looking at both arm movement and leg movement and provide you feedback of what you need to do to improve. 

Goal: to be able to swim front and back crawl comfortably

Price, 14 times:

2850 kr 

The price doesn't include admission into the swimmingpool.

Swim School Classes at
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