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Crawl Swim Course Gothenburg

For those that are comfortable at swimming and want to look at furthering their technique then this course is for you. In the crawl course we teach you front crawl, again breaking this stroke into manageable chunks to maximise your learning. These lessons are challenging but extremely fun at the same time. Our qualified instructors will analyse every element of each stroke, looking at both arm movement and leg movement and provide you feedback of what you need to do to improve. 

The Crawl 10 week course

Crawl course is available for anyone who is 16 years and up and can already swim 150m on the front and 50m on the back. This course is for those individuals who wish to learn advanced swimming strokes and become more efficient in the water. 

The stroke that we teach you is front crawl. The structure of these lessons aim to break down these strokes into isolated skills, focussing on one movement such as the arms or the legs. By breaking these strokes down maximises the speed of learning. It’s the perfect course for those individuals wishing to enhance their swimming.


Crawl Swimming Course

Crawl-kurser Göteborg. Crawl Gothenburg.

Available Crawl Course Gothenburg

Crawl swim -10 lesson course

10 week course: SEk 2200

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The price doesn't include admission into the swimmingpool.

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Crawl Course in Gothenburg