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Adult Swim Course

Everyone should be given the opportunity to swim! Our ethos is that you are never too old to learn and therefore there should be nothing holding you back! In our adult courses, we break everything down into small sizable chunks. Starting with developing your confidence in the water before then moving into the basic movements of each stroke. Our qualified instructors tailor lessons to your needs and with safety and results being at the forefront, we guide you every step of the way. The ability to swim is a skill that is very rewarding both mentally and physically. Let us help you experience this!

Adult Beginner Miniclass (2-4 students)

Adult swimming class for beginners is available in Gothenburg for anyone who is 16 years and up and wants to learn to swim. No prerequisite is necessary, so if you have never swam before this isn't a problem as we can start from the very beginning and get you to where you want to be.


This swimming class is designed to develop your confidence in the water and then teach you the techniques of both breaststroke and backstroke. It's the ideal course to give you the foundations to swimming. The focus of the swim course is very much on the results so although this course will be challenging we can assure you it will be enjoyable too.

Vuxensimskola Göteborg. Adult swim course Gothenburg

Available Adult Swim Courses in Gothenburg


Adult English only Miniclass (2-4 students)

Beginner: 14 week course: SEK 3000

Tuesday 20.30-21.00


Start: Tuesday 31st August

End: Tuesday 14th December

The price doesn't include admission into the swimmingpool.

Adult Swim Classes at

Angered Arena in Gothenburg