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Learning to swim does not have an age requirement! It is never too late to swim.

From a child it is vital that they learn this skill so that they can pass this criteria within the Swedish Idrott curriculum by Grade 6. Being a PE teacher, I see how frustrating it can be for a child to realise that they have failed the subject simply because they cannot swim. We offer group sim for children from 4 years. Within our children classes, we focus on gaining confidence in the water and the fundamentals of both breaststroke and backstroke. We do also integrate play within our lessons but this is mainly used as a reward system within the children courses.

For those who are adults, challenge yourself and with our support through goal orientated training we will teach you to swim. We offer private lessons and beginner group sim for adults in Gothenburg. If you are competent in the water and want to develop your swimming further we also offer crawl courses.


Although our training is intense, we can assure you that it is also both enjoyable and rewarding. We focus on the actual swimming technique aspect, breaking each stroke into manageable steps. By doing this it allows you to only focus on one aspect of the stroke, making it easier for you to learn. With safety at the forefront at all times, we help you overcome the fear of the water and actually enjoy being in it.


All swimming teachers at GoWaters simskola are swimming teacher educated and qualified swimming instructors. So come along and let us get you to where you want to be!

Our Mission: to help as many children and adults learn to swim

Our Aim: To provide quality, goal oriented, fun lessons to students so that they can learn quickly. Providing constructive feedback as to how to improve throughout the whole process




GoWaters Swim Teachers

Våra Simlärare



Michelle Marquis

My professional background is within teaching Physical Education. For me, education is one of the most rewarding sectors within which a person can work. It is in very few professions that you get the opportunity to improve the life chances of so many people. I work within teaching because I want to help people and get pleasure helping people reach their goals. Specifically to swimming, I think it is one of the best forms of exercise and I believe everyone should have the opportunity to learn how to swim. With this in mind, I set my goal to helping as many people as I can learn this life saving skill

By working within the educational sector, I have the knowledge of how to teach you the necessary skills needed when learning to swim and the ability to break these strokes into manageable steps.

Giving constant feedback on where to improve is something that I believe is key to being a successful coach. I would say that the thing I find most rewarding with this job is seeing somebody who was once afraid of the water develop into someone who is competent and seeing the sheer proudness of their achievement. Will you be the next person I help?

Chris Waters, Swim Teacher at GoWaters Simskola, Gothenburg

Hi, my name is Michelle. I have been teaching swimming in the UK since I was 18! My family and I relocated from the UK to Sweden in November 2020. I joined Chris and his team in April 2021.

My background is in Youth Work and facilities management.
I am passionate about people and enjoy motivating students to swim with confidence. Swimming is not only fun and enjoyable, it is one of the most important life skills. My motivation is to build trusting relationships with my swimmers.

If you sign up with Go Waters, my promise to you, is a fun, structured and progressive swim lesson. Please sign us with us, you will be most welcomed.

Michelle Marquis, Swim Teacher at GoWaters Simskola, Gothenburg

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