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Welcome to GoWaters swimming school in Gothenburg! We offer swimming school for kids and group swim for adults in Gothenburg. We also offer private swim and a crawl course for advanced swimmers.


The ability to swim is probably one of the most rewarding skills that you can have. It puts zero stress on the body compared to other types of exercise and can have many health and social benefits. In addition, it is a skill that can save somebody's life! Everyone should be given the opportunity to swim but unfortunately language barriers and fear of the water can prevent these opportunities.

Here at GoWaters swimming school we have qualified instructors that speak both English or Swedish and by delivering expert teaching tailored towards your needs, we break down this fear of the water so you can enjoy the fun aspect of swimming. 


So why not invest your time into learning to swim? We will teach you the necessary strokes so that you become competent within the water and can promise you it will be something you wont regret.

We have swim courses at Angered Arena, Hammarbadet and Askims Simhall in Gothenburg starting HT-20 and you can already book here to be on these swimming schools.

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  • Simlektioner

    Children swim course

    Children Swim Classes Gotenburg. Children swimming class beginners stage 1,  4-7 years. The focus is on developing water confidence, floating, jumping from the edge and learning breastroke and backstroke.

    Children swimming class beginners stage 2, 7-12 is very much results focussed with the goal of being able to swim the required distance by the time the child has reached Grade 6. 

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    swim course

    Adult swimming class for beginners is available for anyone who is 16 years and up and wants to learn to swim.


    No prerequisite is necessary, so if you have never swam before this isn't a problem as we can start from the very beginning and get you to where you want to be.

  • simmare



    Crawl course is available for anyone who is 16 years and up and can already swim 150m on the front and 50m on the back.


    This course is for those individuals who wish to learn front crawl or freestyle.

  • Senior simmare


    swim class

    GoWaters Simskola offers private swim for both adults and children in Gothenburg.


    Private swim lessons is suitable for both beginners and advanced swimmers.


    The teacher plans the lessons purely on your individual needs giving you the best outcome.

Reviews from previous customers



"I took swimming lessons from Chris at Lundbybadet and I was a complete beginner. Chris is an excellent instructor who helps you to learn step by step and at the same time getting to a good level of swimming in quite a short time. I was very lucky to have Chris because he worked on two important things from the very beginning. Removing fear of water from my mind and building my muscles memory so that my legs and arms always made the right strokes in a synchronized way.

On top of that he is really an easy going and open person with great communication skills. So I did not feel any student-teacher relationship but rather friend-friend which made the course really joyful.

I would highly recommend any beginner or even intermediate level swimming students to take lessons from Chris because he will not only correct some basic mistakes but also can optimize your technique to turn you into an expert swimmer."

Rizwan, Göteborg




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