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Our August 2023 classes are ready for booking!

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Swimming School Gothenburg

AUGUST 2023 courses now open for booking!

Att lära sig att simma

group swim courses Gothenburg




Welcome to GoWaters Swim School in Gothenburg, where we provide swimming lessons and courses for children and adults. 

Our expert instructors will support and encourage both young swimmers and adults through all levels, from complete beginner to the confident swimmer! 

Please don’t worry if you or your child are nervous in or near the water, or fearful of being underwater, or a reluctant swimmer. Our experienced and patient swim teachers are used to this, and we can start at the beginning and help you to develop your skills and confidence. 

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to learn to swim here, even if you’re not yet fluent in Swedish. At GoWaters, we have qualified instructors who speak English and/or Swedish to facilitate your learning. 
We love swimming, and we are passionate about teaching this essential life skill! 

our swim courses for kids & adults in Gothenburg


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our classes


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Why not enjoy the water together with your toddler? Our Sing&Splash classes are fun, energetic with exciting music to sing along to. We use sensory toys floats and games, a great way for children and their parents to spend time together during a fun activity. The classes are In a warm teaching pool providing safe and friendly environment. This is a great way to introduce children to the pool, building water confidence along the way. each session is 30 minutes in duration with additional 10 minutes free time at the end.


Is your child ready to learn to swim? This is a big step for them and in our preschool classes we introduce them to water. These classes are designed to be fun and interactive and are based in the warm teaching pool. This allows your child to be in a safe learning environment. We offer pre school classes for children from 3 years of age. The aim of these classes is for children to get used to the water and to start gaining water confidence. 


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Our interactive, structured lessons focus on improving your children’s technique in the water, and enabling them to become happy and confident swimmers. 
Our instructors are attentive, and we are in the water with the children during the lesson. We also set responsible and achievable goals for each child based on their needs, and we regularly review these goals as the children progress. 
The earlier a person learns to swim, the better. Younger children can usually develop new skills quickly, and tend to be less nervous in and around water. 
In our children’s classes, we keep instructions concise, allowing the children to discover and learn new movements. The course is very much results focused, with clearly-defined goals. Our classes are split over five levels, following the Svensksimidrott swimming criteria.



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Everyone should be given the opportunity to swim! Our ethos is that you are never too old to learn and therefore, there should be nothing holding you back! 
In our adult courses, we break everything down into smaller sections, starting with developing your confidence in the water, and then moving on to learning the basic movements of each stroke. Our qualified instructors tailor lessons to your needs. With safety and results being the main priority, we guide you every step (or stroke!) of the way. The ability to swim is a skill that is very rewarding, both mentally and physically. Why not let us help you to experience this! 
Our adult classes are split over three levels, starting with Beginner lessons, and progressing to more advanced ones. 

Private swim
1-2-1 or 1-2-2 


We are pleased to finally offer private individual lessons or bring a friend of a similar ability and a have joint lesson for the same price. This is for either adults or children.
You will have our undivided attention, we will tailor each lesson to me
et your needs whether it is at a beginner level building water confidence in shallow and deep water and introducing swimming strokes, or advanced level coaching front crawl, breaststroke, backstroke, or butterfly. All done in a safe friendly environment by one of qualified instructors. 
Course are in blocks of 4 week or look out for the one off lessons.

Swim Courses
Reviews from previous customers



"I took swimming lessons from Chris at Lundbybadet and I was a complete beginner. Chris is an excellent instructor who helps you to learn step by step and at the same time getting to a good level of swimming in quite a short time. I was very lucky to have Chris because he worked on two important things from the very beginning. Removing fear of water from my mind and building my muscles memory so that my legs and arms always made the right strokes in a synchronized way.

On top of that he is really an easy going and open person with great communication skills. So I did not feel any student-teacher relationship but rather friend-friend which made the course really joyful.

I would highly recommend any beginner or even intermediate level swimming students to take lessons from Chris because he will not only correct some basic mistakes but also can optimize your technique to turn you into an expert swimmer."

Rizwan, Göteborg




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GoWaters Simskola

Tel: 070 863 73 86 - Chris Waters

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